Apartment Loan Document Template Downloads

Apartment Finance Due Diligence Resources

Organization is crucial to an apartment financing transaction. The otherwise tedious process is only more frustration when investors don't have the documents they need ready and on hand for when lenders request them. We've gone ahead and created some templates and gathered together some of the more widely requested items for investors who may not have such resources on hand.

Financing different types of multifamily housing will often require the same documentation with some slight differences, however this list provides a decent baseline for all apartment financing transactions. While every apartment loan transaction is unique and each lender varies with their requirements, repeat investors should find that these items are consistently what make up a comprehensive loan package.

To be used at your discretion:

Quick Qualification

For Quotes

For Closing

Having these items ready can help an investor quickly find out if they qualify for a desired LTV, LTC, loan amount etc.. These docs can only help create a very broad picture, but can also give a relatively fast positive/negative result as to the feasibility of a loan in question.